Towards a more embedded view on situations in educational research

26.07.2019 | 13.00-16.00 – HUL, Raum 2018, Schlüterstraße 51

Prof. Carla Bohndick, HUL

There is a strong focus on personal variables in current educational research. Nevertheless, for understanding educational behavior, it is necessary to also take a look at situational variables. Even though the attempt is made again and again to systematize the learning environment and make it measurable, the intensity of the efforts falls far short of that of the description of persons. Additionally, those attempts often ignore research on persons instead of connect both research lines leaving a gap between research on persons and research on situations. One way to close this gap and to analyze situations while maintaining the connection to research on persons, is to use the parallel between person and situation. The goal of the theoretical study is to show what happens when we consistently use the parallelism between person and situation and transfer the principles of research on persons. In order to achieve this goal and to answer the question, we have collected typical principles for the investigation of individuals and applied them to situations. Thus, the principle „we want to make statements about the typical behavior of a person“ can be translated into „we want to make statements about the typical behavior in a situation“. Further principles are transferred and presented in the Forschungskolloquium. The results show that it is worth utilizing the parallelism and transferring principles of research on persons to research on situations.

Das Kolloquium findet in deutscher Sprache statt.